Buresh Blog: Hurricane season 2024... June averages... Still some skiing in Colorado!

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The 2024 hurricane season is here (June 1 - Nov. 30th). For daily updates on the tropics & any local impacts go to “Talking the Tropics With Mike”.

The season is expected to be an active one. But ultimately just how “bad” a season is perceived to be is almost always based on where & how strong any landfalling hurricanes hit. The active forecast is largely predicated on an unseasonably warm Atlantic + a developing La Nina (cooling of the equatorial Pacific).

The map below is the deviation from average (anomalies) for sea surface temps. Note the blue - cooler than avg. - temps. off the coast of S. America indicating the developing La Nina. Meanwhile, sea surface temps. are well above avg.(orange, yellow & red) from the Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean eastward across much of the N. Atlantic Basin including the ever important “Main Development Region” (MDR) where some of our long track & strong tropical systems develop during the heart of the hurricane season.

To view & download the 2024 Hurricane Preparation Guide, click * here *.

“Preparing for the Storm” airs Friday, May 31st & then will be online in the First Alert Hurricane Center.

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June averages for JIA:

If you’re already feeling too hot, you can still snow ski out west! Arapahoe Basin is open in Colorado through at least June 9th. The full ski & slope report * here *. Photo below by Lucas Herbert: