Buck Sexton Explains Three Islamic Concepts That Helped Shape the World as We Know It – and How They’re at Play Today

TheBlaze's national security adviser Buck Sexton appeared on TheBlaze TV Monday to discuss what he described as a "very specific version of Islamic jurisprudence" that partially explains the recent wave of attacks on Christians in Egypt.

"It's a concept called the dhimmi. The dhimmi is an agreement, it actually means 'protection,' and the those who are dhimmis are the protected. But they're protected in sort of the sense of mafia protection money, meaning that they're a secondary class of citizen, and this stretches back to the very beginning of the Islamic conquest from the life of the prophet Muhammad all the way up through the Ottoman Empire," Sexton said. "If you were a non-Muslim you fell under this separate legal category, where you were essentially treated like livestock. They would keep you alive, but you had no real rights. If they wanted to kill you, they could. If they wanted to rape your women, put you in slavery, take your property, they could."

Sexton proceeded to point out that the Coptic community in Egypt is one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, and many of the areas we know think of as firmly "Islamic," like Istanbul (Constantinople) were actually Christian long before the Islamic conquest.

Buck Sexton Explains Dhimmi, Jizya, Fay on TheBlaze TV
Buck Sexton Explains Dhimmi, Jizya, Fay on TheBlaze TV

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

So what happened?

"They were put under the status of dhimmitude, which essentially over time, either forced them to accept Islam or live in this legal area where they could be killed [or enslaved]," Sexton said.

And unlike under Roman law, religious minorities were also disarmed to ensure they could not defend themselves, Sexton said. They also had to pay a "jizya," which Beck described as an "I'm not a Muslim" tax.

There was also a concept called "fay" saying all property actually belongs to the umma, the Islamic community, and anyone outside that community can therefore have their property appropriated to wage war, Sexton added.

"These Christian communities, the Coptics being one of the most well-known, have been there [since] pre-Islamic times and they are on the verge of extermination," Sexton warned.

Watch the entire interview below, which also includes an analysis of what could happen to the Suez Canal if the unrest continues:

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