Bubble Robots Move Using Lasers [VIDEO]

Kate Freeman

This isn't your typical artificial intelligence robot, but scientists at the University of Hawaii have created bubble "robots" that can be directed using lasers. They hope to use the bubble robots to build micro-structures. And once the bubble bots are no longer of use, they can be popped.

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The idea of using small robots to cure cancer or work with soldiers in combat zones is not a new concept. But the size and materials used to make the bots varies from project to project -- just like the tasks they're built to perform. But one thing's for sure -- robots are cool. Check out the gallery below for pics of amazing bots, and be sure to watch the video above for more on the University of Hawaii's bubble bots.

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1. The Cubinator

We met The Cubinator for the first time at the 2010 World Maker Faire. The robot currently holds the Guinness world record for fastest machine solve of a Rubik's cube. Pete Redmond, who developed the robot for the final project of his master's degree, says that its solve time averages about 25 seconds. Webcams in the robot's eyes detect the colors on the cube and the machine solves the puzzle by using an algorithm to find the fewest moves. It also has has a sense of humor, shouting "oh dear!" when it occasionally drops the cube.

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