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The harrowing BMX cycling course adjacent to the London Velodrome has already caused two hard crashes — and the riders were on the course all by themselves.

Brooke Crain of the United States and Edzus Treimanis of Latvia crashed at the same point Wednesday as they entered the final straightaway during their seeding runs.

Crain clipped her rear wheel on a bump and then went over her handle bars, smashing her chest into the next hill. She managed to climb back on the bike and finish.

Treimanis did the same thing moments later, only his helmet hit the gravel hill first. He appeared woozy and did not get back on his bike.

If they are able to continue, both riders will be given the final qualifying position.

Crashes are hardly rare in BMX. In fact, a crash that put American rider Arielle Martin into the hospital on July 30 cleared the way for Crain, the first alternate, to compete in London. Martin sustained a lacerated liver and a collapsed lung.

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