Bruno Mars Is a Sad, Patriotic Mouse

Connor Simpson
Bruno Mars Is a Sad, Patriotic Mouse

Bruno Mars surprised everyone by being a game, and funny, Saturday Night Live host. He helped deliver one of the most talked about sketches in years but for some reason it's not available online. 

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Bur first, politics! Did you know things were tense at the debate? The SNL writers sure do. Pharaoh and Sudeikis are perfectly fine portraying Obama and Romney, but there's a noticeable lack of chemistry here. The sketch lags when it's just the two of them talking, but thrives when the other cast members appear as members of the audience. Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Bobby Moynihan both kill as question askers. Armisen should do his impression of Jeremy in every sketch. Billed as "a shaky extra from A Bronx Tale," and as a "38-year-old college student," Armisen nearly ruptured our spleen with his accent. And Taran Killam makes a one and a half second cameo as punch-happy Tagg Romney. But this sketch is nine minutes long. I wish I could say it was saved by the impromptu Tom Hanks cameo but they relied way too heavily on the "rustling papers" gag. The writer who thought that was funny enough to do twice needs a day off. 

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This pre-produced sketch of Bruno Mars as a down on his luck guy resorting to dressing up in a patriotic mouse costume to dance for tourists is sad and dark and weird and strangely brilliant. 

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Stefon showed up, y'all. Rejoice. 

Yeah, about that Pandora sketch. The reaction on Twitter was huge. The sketch takes place at Pandora headquarters, and the power goes out. Mars has to impersonate Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Louis Armstrong, and Michael Jackson. And he kills it, apparently. There's no video of the sketch on Hulu or on NBC's Saturday Night Live page. If they do upload it, I'll gladly post the video here. Until then, shame on you, NBC. 

Oh, and there's this: Louis C.K. is hosting on November 3. Things are going to get weird.