Brooklyn parking dispute leads to double shooting at Home Depot

A dispute over a parking spot in the central Brooklyn Home Depot erupted in gunfire, leaving a woman shot in the head and her boyfriend badly wounded, according to witnesses and police.

The shooting took place in the parking lot of the hardware store’s Bedford-Stuyvesant location shortly after noon Saturday, according to the NYPD.

“The guy pulls on the side of them, he starts shooting at them,” Stacee Glenn, 40, said. Glenn said the male victim shouted, “I gave him the parking spot!”

The couple –– believed to be in their mid-20s –– raced out of the parking lot in their white Hyndai Sonata after the shooting, stopping several blocks away at the intersection of Nostrand and Myrtle Aves. to call for help.

The woman was slumped over and nonresponsive.

“He stopped and said ‘my girlfriend and I had been shot’,” Glenn said. “I guess he was trying to bring her to the hospital.”

Yadelyn Pena, 14, told the Daily News she was outside the Duane Reade on Nostrand and Myrtle when the car came to a stop.

“I guess he realized he was too late, so he jumped outside the car and called for help,” she said, adding that the man had wounds to his leg and his back.

“I was like, what’s the matter? What’s wrong? And he was like, ‘my girlfriend, look,’” Pena said.

“And I look in the car and there’s blood dripping from her head.” she added. “I saw her.”

“The guy in the parking lot – he wanted my parking spot,” Pena recalled the man saying. “I gave it to him and he started shooting at us!”

Three bullet holes could be seen in the Hyundai’s driver’s side door, which was facing the wrong direction on Nostrand Ave. Outside the front passenger door, a brown paper Home Depot bag lay stained with blood.

Pena said she dialed 911 immediately.

“The cops took like ten minutes to come. It looked like she was dead.”

“I saw her fingers moving,” the teenager added. “I’m hoping she’s okay.”

Pena’s mother, 38-year-old Anlly Burgos, said she tried to comfort the woman until help arrived.

“I held her hand telling her she was going to be okay,” she said. “Then the police came and they told everybody to back up.”

“She couldn’t talk,” Burgos said of the victim. “The only time she talked was to tell the police her name and then after that she was dead silent.”

The frantic boyfriend feared the worst.

“Her boyfriend was really really distressed. Sad. Calling for help,” she added. “He was saying, ‘I got shot in my back and my leg but just make sure she’s okay.'”

Cops said both victims were transported to nearby Kings County Hospital, where the woman was listed in critical condition.