Bronx neighbor beef over nighttime noise turns deadly after one stabs the other: ‘Blood was pouring out’

A fight between two neighbors over loud music inside a Bronx apartment building turned deadly early Friday when one stabbed the other to death, police said.

A suspect, identified by sources as Shaun Pyles, 25, was taken into custody, but she had not been charged as of Friday evening, said police. The murder weapon, a large knife, was recovered.

The alleged killer and the victim, Tyquen Pleasant, 27, live across the hallway from each other inside the Elsmere Place building near Marmion Ave. in East Tremont.

The two were arguing over the music volume, according to a third neighbor, Chad Boggs, who said he witnessed the clash.

“I don’t even know if it was music — I think it was a Disney kids’ show,” said Boggs, 42, who was in the hallway to put trash down a chute when the brawl broke out.

The argument began around 1:45 a.m. when Pyles began banging on Pleasant’s door, claiming he was being too loud, Boggs said.

Pyles went back to her apartment, Boggs said. Pleasant then came out of his apartment and Pyles began yelling at him through the apartment intercom.

As she yelled, Pyles invited Pleasant inside, the neighbor said.

“I think she planned on stabbing him in the apartment, ‘cause it would look better for her — and, no witnesses,” Boggs said. “(The victim) said he would whoop her ass, and she was shouting (at him) with the intercom.”

A few moments later, Pyles exited her apartment and charged Pleasant. “She just opened the door and came straight at him,” Boggs said.

“They were hugging and bouncing off the walls and wrestling and sh—,” Boggs said. “As soon as she stepped away, he went down, boom, and he never moved again. Blood was pouring out.

“I didn’t even see the knife,” Boggs said. “She must have gotten him somewhere important.”

Boggs said he immediately called 911 and began doing CPR on the victim. Pleasant’s girlfriend came out of their apartment and tried to pull him back into the home as he tried to do CPR, Briggs recalled.

Police found Pleasant lying in the hallway on the second floor, stabbed in the back. Medics rushed him to St. Barnabas Hospital, but he could not be saved. Besides his girlfriend, he leaves behind two children, Boggs said.

The knife recovered was “huge, like a f---ing butcher knife,” Boggs said.

Pyles went back into her apartment and waited for police to take her into custody, neighbors said. Responding officers found her sitting on her couch.

“She just went back in her apartment like nothing happened and waited for the police,” said one neighbor, who did not want to be identified. “Now that is a real psycho.”

“She is tough — she doesn’t seem scared of nothing,” Boggs said. “She is always talking sh—, so she must be good at fighting. (But) this is New York. You will get killed.”

Other neighbors said the two routinely argued.

“He was calling her a fa---t, and (she) came out and was like ‘Wassup?’ and then everyone was screaming,” said a neighbor who asked not to be named. “As soon as I heard screaming, I knew someone had been stabbed. (The victim’s girlfriend) came out covered in blood and screaming.

“I got to get out of New York,” said that neighbor.

Pleasant’s blood was smeared all over the hallway walls and floor.

“Every time I open the door, I want to throw up, it’s a nasty scene,” the neighbor said. “I can’t bring my kids to school because it’s a blood bath. This is disturbing. My babies can’t see this. It’s terrifying.”

Charges against the suspect were not immediately filed. She had clashed with other building residents in the past, including Boggs, neighbors said.

“It could have been me ‘cause she hated my guts,” Boggs said. “But I never tested her like that.”