Brody Jenner's 5 most memorable reality TV moments [Video]

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Has Brody Jenner not ever been on reality TV?

When he joins his stepsisters on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," it'll mark his fourth reality TV outing.

In 2005 -- before the Kardashians were famous -- he starred in "Princes of Malibu," a short-lived docu-series produced by his father. It featured Jenner; his brother Brandon; their pageant-queen mom, Linda Thompson; their stepfather, renowned songwriter, David Foster; and their friend Spencer Pratt.

Later, when the infamous Pratt was on "The Hills," Jenner began to appear on that series as well. He dated "The Hills" star Lauren Conrad and, later, her nemesis, Kristin Cavallari.

After "The Hills" ended, MTV created a spinoff titled "Bromance" for Jenner that followed him as he searched for a new best friend (having fallen out with Pratt). But the series fizzled out after one season.

Check out Jenner's five most memorable moments from his many reality TV shows:

5. Major catfight happens after Brody hooks up with Jen Bunney on "The Hills."

After LC gave Jen a diamond bracelet for her 21st birthday, Bunney showed her appreciation by hooking up with LC's ex, Brody! And not only that, but Heidi helped! In the aftermath of the hook-up, Lauren and Heidi got into an all-out shouting match, with the former declaring her hatred of Heidi's boyfriend, Spencer.

Bunney apologizes to LC:

4. Chaka Khan shows up at the boys' bikini car wash in "Princes of Malibu."

The series premiere gave us a glimpse into the fascinating, totally crazy life of Brody and his extended family. When songwriter David Foster asked his stepsons to come up with rent money, Brody, Brandon, and Spencer recruited some scantily clad girls for a bikini car wash. Then a very pissed off Chaka Khan drove up. She was meeting with Foster and was not happy to have to wait in line.

3. Brody cheats on Jayde with Audrina on "The Hills."

While dating Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole, Brody often declared how he had settled down and wasn't a horndog anymore. Riiiight. When the girls crashed the guys' party in Hawaii in Season 5, he found it hard to resist Audrina's flirting. "I think you're a good friend of mine ... and if we decide one night late with nobody around, late night, feelings are feelings," he said. And yep, those feelings resulted in an overnight hookup. So much for his great romance with Jayde.

2. Eliminations are made in the hot tub on "Bromance."

No roses here … instead, Brody's "Hills" spinoff featured his hot tub in the elimination ceremonies. So, basically, it was a bunch of dudes sitting together in a hot tub. Can we say awwwwk-ward!

1. The walls come down on "The Hills'" series finale.

In the finale episode of "The Hills," Jenner bid old flame Cavallari goodbye as she headed off to Europe to "find herself." But then the Hollywood backdrop rolled away and the camera panned out to show cameramen, producers, and other crew members standing in an empty lot. The reveal had fans buzzing about what had and hadn't been "real" over the course of the entire show.