Brittany Renner Claps Back At Sports Host Who Suggested She’s Less Than ‘Ayesha Curry Or Savannah James’

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NFL star Cam Newton recently spoke on “bad b*tches” during his appearance on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, and sports host J. Tuck jumped in the conversation to throw Brittany Renner‘s name into the mix on social media. As a result, Renner had something to say and publicly shut Tuck down.

During Newton’s time on the podcast, he shared his stance on dating “bad b*tches.”

“A bad b*tch is a person who’s just, you know, ‘Girl, I’m a bad b*tch, I’m doing this, I’m doing that. I look the part, but I don’t act the part,'” Newton controversially said. “There’s a lot of women who are bad b*tches.”

“Now, a woman for me is handling your own but knowing how to cater to a man’s needs,” he continued. “I think a lot of times when you get that aesthetic of ‘I’m a boss b*tch, I’m a this, I’m a that…’ No baby, but you can’t cook. You don’t know when to be quiet! You don’t know how to allow a man to lead.”

Word of Newton’s comments soon began spreading like wildfire, and J. Tuck—a sports radio host—added in his two cents on Twitter.

“Cam Newton basically said he prefers an Ayesha Curry or Savannah James over a Brittany Renner and all y’all heard was ‘cookin,'” Tuck tweeted.

In response, Renner put her Twitter fingers to work and clapped back hard.

“Some women choose to suck a d*ck and shut up, some don’t. ‘Marriage is a business’ to many so yeah people play the part,” she wrote. “Let’s stop glorifying relationships and the individuals in them we know nothing about. Most cheat with women who look nothing like their wife anyway!”

She also appeared to reference the matter in a series of subsequent tweets.

“They don’t actually want you to raise your standards they want you to raise your tolerance for their bullshit,” Renner wrote shortly after quote tweeting Tuck.

“Even if I wanted to, I can’t logically take anything that is said to or about me on social media seriously,” she later added. “We know those insecurities aren’t going to project themselves and there isn’t an opinion out there that matters more than my own so… there’s that!”

In response to the situation, Tuck was sure to try and show that he was unbothered. He soon issued another dig at Renner, this time referencing her infamous visit to Jackson State University.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Brittany Renner has proverbially “chosen violence” and gone head-to-head with misogynistic comments about her.

As Blavity previously reported, Renner memorably confronted the hosts of Fresh and Fit—Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes—over past comments they made about “girls like [Renner].”

“You said you warn guys about girls like me, so tell me about girls like me,” Renner told the podcast hosts. “So, now that we’re face to face, what kind of girl am I?”

After Gaines responded by saying Renner was “not special,” she interrupted and proceeded with her clap-back.

“How does that make you feel?” she asked. “‘Cause if I say, ‘You’re a b*tch-ass n***a,’ that does something for me, right? If I insult you or if I tell you you’re not special, you’re forgettable, what does that do for me?”