Britney Spears Oversees A Fan's Engagement At Her Meet And Greet

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One time when the pressure is well and truly on is when you plan on popping the question to the love of your life, but we’re afraid that nobody will ever be able to beat this boyfriend’s proposal to girlfriend Courtney last week.

Because Britney bloomin’ Spears was there to witness it!


Fansite Britney Galaxy report that the unnamed man had planned the entire proposal alongside Britney’s team, taking Courtney - who is a huge fan of the singer - to a surprise Meet and Greet at Planet Hollywood before getting down on bended knee.

He told the site: “I gathered all her makeup, a dress, shoes, etc. and packed enough for a couple days — as we had a staycation at the Cosmopolitan that she didn’t know about at all. I told her we were posing as dessert tasters at a conference that was going on at Planet Hollywood.

“Anyway, we got there [to the meet and greet at Planet Hollywood] and they had it all set up for us.

"They ushered us past everyone so fast that Courtney didn’t have any time to even register what was going on until about five minutes prior to meeting Ms. Spears.

“Britney smiled and winked at me and I got down on one knee and asked: ‘So I’m asking you in front of our friend Britney here, will you be my wife forever?’

"Courtney started to shake and cry and smile, she stuck her hand out but kept looking at Britney then back at the ring. Finally I asked again: 'So what do you think? Want me to put it on you or what!?’

"That’s when Britney laughed really hard out loud, as did we all. She said 'Yes’ and I placed it on her finger as everyone cheered us on.”

Well this is definitely a story that will be told at dinner parties for many years to come.

The man decided to incorporate Britney Spears into his proposal as she has always played a special role in the couple’s relationship, with the original post reporting that nine years ago, on their first date, he was brought up on stage during a Britney show and the star gave him a lapdance - solidifying his and Courtney’s relationship forever.

All we know is that our future fiance has his work cut out for him if he wants to top that proposal!

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