British PM Truss defends economic plan

STORY: Sterling slipped again after Truss and Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng met with Britain's fiscal watchdog and confirmed markets would have to wait until Nov. 23 for new economic forecasts.

Speaking from the British Gas Academy in southern England, Truss said her government had published the mini-budget last Friday (September 23) before a full OBR forecast in order to tackle the cost of living crisis as quickly as possible.

''There will be an event on the 23rd of November where the policies are fully analysed by the OBR. But it was a real priority to me to make sure we're working to help struggling families,'' Truss said.

Truss and Kwarteng have refused to bow to demands to publish earlier forecasts of government growth plans and the impact of planned tax cuts which have led to turmoil in the financial markets this week.