Britain Says There's a 'Imminent Threat' to Westerns in Benghazi

Dashiell Bennett

The British Foreign Office has issued a travel warning to Westerners who might be in Benghazi, urging all its citizens to leave the city immediately. The advisory warns of a "specific, imminent threat to Westerners in Benghazi" and urges Britons to avoid all travel in Libya, outside of a handful of major cities, and even then travel should be limited to "essential" business. Though it is address to British citizens, presumably all foreigners should be considered in danger.

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The latest warning goes beyond the usual caution about foreigners in a dangerous area, saying there is "high threat" of terrorism, kidnapping, and other "retaliatory attacks" against Western targets. The notice warns British national to "keep a low profile," avoid crowds and large gatherings, and stay indoors at night. It also specifically mentions the French adventure in Mali as a reason to be concerned about retaliation.

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Their last built of advice is just a good practical measure for any overseas journey, but feels particularly ominous after reading the whole thing:

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