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Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin perform during Week 3 of 'Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars,' Oct. 8, 2012 -- ABC

I wish I didn't have to start this blog about the fight between Mark and me, but I know it was really a big part of our show package last week.

As you know, Mark and I have been friends and partners for a long time, and we've never had a conflict. Ninety-nine percent of the time, we get along well really well - like he's my brother. But, just like siblings, we got into a fight. With all the emotions of this sometimes stressful competition, things boiled over and, well, we got into it.

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It lasted for about 45 minutes, and you guys only got to see a snippet. Needless to say, it was an emotional time. I cried, left, and got over it. The next day, Mark and I got together, started practicing, and really united to do our dance.

As you saw, Mark and I re-enacted Derek Hough and Joanna Krupa's paso doble from Season 9. I loved the chess-inspired theme, the cool "ice princess" costume, and the fact that our score was 4.5 points higher than we've scored before this season!

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Sadly, we were at the bottom of the leaderboard... again. The good news is that - now that our "first fight" is out of the way -- we are even closer than ever. This week, we were assigned the "Rock 'n' Roll" theme, which is good, because I had no idea what some of those dance styles were. (What on earth will that "Bollywood" dance look like!?) At first, I thought that meant we were going to be dancing to Van Halen or AC/DC or something. We'll be dancing to a 1950s style, but I'm just as excited!

Mark loves rock 'n' roll, so he's excited about this week! He says it's a combination of Lindy Hop and jitterbug, which means that it's fast. I'll also have to show attitude and energy, so that will be a challenge. I'm so thankful to be on "All-Stars," and I know everyone on the show will be amazing this week. I appreciate all you guys calling, texting, e-mailing, and Facebooking your votes for me! If you want to be a part of my journey, e-mail me so I can add you to my DWTS mailing list. (My address is , please use the subject line: DWTS.) Also, you can fan me on Facebook, follow my blog on Twitter, and read my blog here.

Thank you for everything! Let's rock 'n' roll!

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-- Bristol Palin

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