How to bring Google Maps back to iOS 6 on the iPhone

Dan Graziano
October 9, 2012
How to bring Google Maps back to iOS 6 on the iPhone

Apple (AAPL) has been taking some major heat as of late for its decision to remove Google Maps from iOS 6. The Cupertino-based company chose to instead incorporate its own in-house mapping service into the platform and has faced harsh criticism as a result. Although Apple is actively improving its own maps app, many people still prefer the old Google (GOOG)-powered solution. Previously, users would have to use Google’s mobile mapping site to access the company’s data, but a new app gives iOS 6 users direct access to the old mapping features and doesn’t even require a device to be jailbroken. ClassicMap offers Google’s mapping data and delivers a nearly identical look and feel as the old iOS 5 app. Unfortunately, even though users will have access to more accurate information, the app doesn’t include built-in turn-by-turn directions like Apple’s app does. Users have also noted that the app is a bit slower than the original and the app had a lot of trouble finding local results to simple searches during our tests. ClassicMap is free, however, and hopefully the developer works out the kinks soon since there’s no telling when Google might finally have its own iOS 6 app ready.

[Via Cult of Mac]


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