'Bridgerton' is releasing a line of wedding gowns inspired by the show

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"Bridgerton" is known for its wedding scenes as well as its romances.

There's Edwina's dramatic walk down the aisle in Season Two set to an instrumental cover of "Sign of the Times." And most recently, fans swooned at Queen Charlotte and King George's sweet first kiss after their meet-cute in the garden.

Now, in collaboration with Allure Bridals, the Netflix franchise is releasing a collection "Bridgerton"-inspired gowns, designed by Lyn Paolo, who designed the costumes for "Queen Charlotte" and has worked on past Shonda Rhimes shows like "How to Get Away With Murder" and "Inventing Anna."

queen charlotte a bridgerton story sketches (Netflix)
queen charlotte a bridgerton story sketches (Netflix)

The dresses, which will be sold in bridal salons and are expected to cost between $1,600 and $3,000, will be available starting in December. The designs were inspired by the "opulent aesthetic" and "bold, regal fashions" of the "Bridgerton"-universe, Allure Bridals said in a press release.

Bridgerton gowns (Netflix / Phylicia J.L. Munn)
Bridgerton gowns (Netflix / Phylicia J.L. Munn)

Paolo designed three dresses inspired by the Georgian fashions of "Queen Charlotte." The collection will also contain 12 other Regency-esque dresses from the aesthetic of "Bridgerton," she tells TODAY.com, for a total of 15.

So far, Allure Bridals has revealed three of the sketches tied to the collection, each designed by Paolo.

Paolo tells TODAY.com that the collaboration comes after many inquiries from fans hoping for a way to incorporate the show's aesthetic into their big day.

"The idea of bringing the opportunity for fans to dress for their wedding in something that is based on the shows is something that's very exciting to all of us at Shondaland," she says. "Like bringing a little piece of the magic to someone's life."

In simplified, non-historical terms, Regency fashion is characterized by simple column gowns and a Grecian silhouette (see: every Jane Austen adaptation). Georgian fashion ideals are illustrated in the wide skirts and elaborate detailing worn by Queen Charlotte in the show.

But each dress will be unique, Paolo says.

"The gowns are all so very different and distinct from one another and the detail is beautiful," she says. "The lace is beautiful, the crystals, the veils — we also worked on some veiling — and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised."

The collection will not consist of replicas of outfits from the show or connect to the style of one character in particular, according to Paolo. Creatively, the team aimed to design beyond those "smaller parameters," she says.

"We also wanted to be inclusive," she says. "We're very conscious of picking satins and laces and silks that weren't just white. We have a lot of champagnes and ivories in the collection. And I think it was an overall aesthetic choice of, this feels like 'Bridgerton.' This feels like 'Queen Charlotte.'"

She describes herself as a "perfectionist," who often worries that the final product won't live up the vision she creates in her mind. But after seeing the gowns on display in a "mini-fashion show" recently, she was stunned, she says. Now, she wants to take on designing a men’s collection next, she says.

"We were blown away, I mean, blown away by how beautiful the gowns are," she says. "I'm super excited for the world to see them."

This article was originally published on TODAY.com