Bridge Washes Away in Utuado as Hurricane Fiona Causes River Surge

A bridge over the Guaonica River in Utuado, Puerto Rico, was washed away by surging floodwaters due to Hurricane Fiona on Sunday, September 18.

Video filmed by Utuado resident Jean Carlos Velez Roman shows the metal bridge buckling under the pressure of the rover and floating away.

The temporary bridge was installed after the previous bridge was swept away during Hurricane Maria in 2017, according to US House Delegate Roberto Lefranc Fortuño.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) warned of “catastrophic flooding” and a “potential local maximum” of 30 inches of rainfall in areas across the island on Sunday.

Governor Pedro Pierluisi said the island’s electric system was down as of around 1:45 pm local time. Credit: Jean Carlos Velez Roman via Storyful

Video Transcript