Brewbot, a new Kickstarter project, lets you brew beer with your iPhone

Daniel Bean
Yahoo News

Beer nerds and gadget nerds alike may soon have a reason to rejoice.

A new beer-making machine, called Brewbot, wants to bring beer brewing to the masses by using an iPhone or iPad app to automate several aspects of the brewing process. The creators have taken to Kickstarter for funding a full production of Brewbot machines -- a goal they are halfway to reaching with 20 days of fundraising to go.

"Brewbot is a way of taking an age-old process and marrying it with new technology," Brewbot developer Niall Kelly says in a promotional video for the project. "By guiding you through parts of the process and automating others, visualizing data in new and exciting ways, Brewbot brings the brew to life."

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In comments to Yahoo News, co-founder Jonny Campbell said that Brewbot launched last year at The XOXO Festival, an offbeat tech convention in Portland, Ore. "The festival is about creativity, independence and disruption. Half of our team attended and we left inspired to build something — to solve a problem that we had.

"We were designers and developers with a long history in making digital products so we decided to take the leap and after a lot of hard work, and many iterations, we have Brewbot."

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Brewbot's goal is, indeed, "brewing for everyone": The system integrates with an iPhone or iPad, allowing the user to formulate a recipe and calculate the right amount of ingredients necessary on an app. That app also controls the water distribution, heating and cooling during the brewing process.

The team's Kickstarter page explains that, with Brewbot, you no longer need to watch timers and thermometers, as those parts of the process are now automated and controlled. The mobile app guides you through the brew, prompting you when to add the ingredients. And though it may make the process easier, Brewbot isn't just aimed at amateur brewers, the developers say. The gadget can also make life easier for regular brewers by helping to get beers fine-tuned and consistently tasting to the way they're supposed to.

"One of the key things with brewing craft beers in particular is accuracy of your various measurements and precision for repeatability purposes,"  George Cathcart, master brewer for Sheelin Brewery in Ireland, said in a promotional video for Brewbot. "I think Brewbot is a great tool for that, in that technology takes care of that for you."

The Brewbot Kickstarter was launched last week at the same festival in Portland where the idea was first brewed up. Originally from Ireland, Campbell says the Brewbot creators are now in the midst of a month-long west coast trip, where they plan to visit breweries and hop farmers and engage with manufacturers and distributors in anticipation of hitting their crowdfunding goal.

You can view a promotional video for Brewbot below, and visit the Kickstarter page here.