Brenna Bird 'betrayed the state of Iowa': Letters about her visit to Donald Trump's trial

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Our top prosecutor disparages prosecutions?

So, Iowa's chief legal officer, who is sworn to uphold the constitution and pursue justice without fear or favor, believes that prosecuting an alleged criminal is "absurd."

Rex Shahriari, Newton

So, does politics belong, or not?

Attorney General Brenna Bird said, "Politics has no place in a court of law," after her appearance in New York at Donald Trump's trial. Her office stated she was not using taxpayer money, so she was on her own time and money. My question is, if "politics has no place in a court of law," why was she there in the courtroom? Our top law enforcement officer traveling to New York to support a suspected criminal at his trial is beyond me. But wait, politics don't belong in the courtroom.

Craig Ragaller, Vail

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Iowa has a political activist, not an attorney general

Iowa's Attorney General Brenna Bird, in her statement in New York at Donald Trump’s trial, said that "politics has no place in a court of law." I could not agree more. So, what the heck is Bird doing in New York at Trump's trial? Isn't she in reality interjecting politics into that trial by her presence and her statements?

What about Judge Aileen Cannon in the Florida documents trial? She has been interjecting politics into that trial almost from day one. What has Bird said about that? I can find nothing!

What about the conservative justices on our Supreme Court; Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett, and Brett Kavanaugh. They routinely let their political positions determine how they rule, and what has  Bird said about that? Again I can find nothing!

What has she ever said about how Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell used their political power to go around the Constitution and get Gorsuch appointed and confirmed? I can find nothing!

One thing that Bird is really good at: her hypocrisy. She is a politician first and foremost and an attorney general for all Iowans a distant third.

Duane Mortensen, Ankeny

A betrayal of the legal profession

When Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird traveled to New York to call Donald Trump’s hush money trial a travesty and a sham, she betrayed the state of Iowa and the legal profession. Trump’s guilt will be determined by a jury of private citizens that his lawyers had the opportunity to question, not by Joe Biden or the “deep state.” Should the jury return a guilty verdict, Trump apologists like Bird will have painted themselves into a corner that requires them to accuse the jury of having been rigged, the way they continue to endorse Trump’s Big Lie that the 2020 election was rigged. For our state’s top legal official to undermine the very fabric of our legal system – trial by jury – is the real travesty.

Joe Tye, Solon

Bird takes aim at the American system of justice

Regardless of one’s opinion of former President Donald Trump, the presence of our Iowa attorney general in support of a criminal defendant in another state creates a very poor image of Iowa’s own respect for the law and the justice system.

The former president has often said that he is innocent of the charges presented by the state of New York. If that is truly the case, neither he nor our attorney general should have any worries. His is a jury trial, and 12 people will have to come to a unanimous decision to convict. He is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

When our own attorney general takes time from her duties in the state of Iowa to travel to another state and openly and publicly discredit the fundamental processes of our legal system, it should lead Iowans of either party to wonder why she is in the office she now holds.

Scott Johnston, Fort Dodge

Brenna Bird stole from Iowans

Brenna Bird may not have used state money to travel to New York in her audacious campaign to be Donald Trump’s next attorney general, but she still stole from Iowa. Time is money, and Iowans are paying Bird to administer justice here. “Appearing” at Trump’s trial has nothing to do with her duties as attorney general. Along the way, she displayed questionable ethics by commenting on the integrity of the proceedings in the ongoing trial, calling it a “scam.” The scandal here is Bird’s own display of unbridled ambition and egotism at the expense of the people of Iowa.

David Leslie, West Des Moines

On what basis is Donald Trump prosecution called a sham?

As a prosecutor Attorney General Bird know that to try a case you have to have evidence. Yet she goes to New York, and without presenting any facts says the trial of Donald Trump is a sham. If she can’t back up he statements, do we really want her as our attorney general?

Mark Scherer, Johnston

Brenna Bird has unfinished business in Iowa

Iowa’s attorney general advised us in after she was elected that she was conducting a full audit of victim services and pausing payments to certain programs in Iowa, including the Sexual Assault Examination Payment Program. Those payments are still paused by her office, a year and a half later. Evidently, the audit is taking a long time. I saw her on Monday on TV giving a news conference at Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York. Perhaps if she cut out trips to New York, she could finish the audit.

Kristy Hibbs-Burr, Marshalltown

Brenna Bird has her facts wrong

The attorney general of the state of Iowa shouldn’t be making trips to New York when she should be working for Iowa taxpayers.

“Democrats” did not indict the former president, but rather a duly sworn grand jury. Brenna Bird should also know that the US justice system is based on innocence until proven guilty, and that a trial is necessary to determine this. A trial, by-the-book, with a properly empaneled jury. She embarrassed the state of Iowa.

Bird should be ashamed, reprimanded, and ordered to pay back Iowa taxpayers for her “day off” she took to play national politics.

I will work hard to assist her opponent in the next election for Iowa attorney general. Iowans deserve professional, non-partisan representation in the attorney general’s office.

David Pugh, Des Moines

An attorney general for only some of the people

I always thought that a good politician sought to represent the people. I looked to them to seek justice, especially for the most vulnerable.

Today I saw reports on the trial of Donald Trump and heard that "the Iowa attorney general" was in attendance.

I read that Iowa taxpayers did not pay for her trip. Having said that, as an Iowan, I am offended that a state official is using their title to put their thumb on the scale of the process of seeking justice. If they attend the trial, it should be as a private citizen, and if they speak about the situation, their title needs to be set aside. Anything less means that our current political leaders are no longer for the people but for some of the people.

David Cline, Polk City

This article originally appeared on Des Moines Register: In Brenna Bird, Iowa has a political activist, not an attorney general