I breastfeed my sister’s baby for her — trolls criticize me, but this should be normalized

They’re more than just sisters — they’re bosom buddies.

Influencer and mom-of-three Emily Boazman said that she helps her younger sister get stuff done by breastfeeding her baby for her, The Sun reported.

She posted a video of herself nursing her sister’s baby on January 15 on TikTok, where it has since garnered over 1.6 million views and shocked some of her fans. She later posted a follow-up video of her nursing for her sister one day ago, and already has over 5,000 views.

“I’m nursing my sister’s baby while she eats and recovers,” Boazman said in the video.

Her sister then chimed in by saying, “I’ve already fed her, she just loves the nipple.”

“She just wants to nurse 24/7 so I’ll just pop in and give her a little feed so Kate can get stuff done besides just nursing,” Boazman added.

The text atop the video explained that Boazman stepped in so her sister could have a moment to sit down and eat breakfast.

The video caption asked her followers the following question: “Would you, or have you nursed for someone before?”

Some of her viewers suggested she nip the behavior in the bud.

“Weird a f to me I would never let someone nurse my baby,” one person said.

“Feel the same. Absolutely not,” said another.

Emily Boazman’s video attracted some critics. Emily Boazman/TikTok
Emily Boazman’s video attracted some critics. Emily Boazman/TikTok

Others likened her nursing her sister’s baby to being a wet nurse and didn’t see any issue with it. Some said they’ve also nursed babies for other mothers in need.

“My mom and aunt nursed each other’s babies all the time! If one went out for a few hours she didn’t need to rush home to nurse,” one said.

“It used to be considered perfectly normal so I don’t see why we can’t see it that way now. This is such a kind act,” another chimed in.

“I nursed for a total stranger in the emergency room once. I could see the stress in their eyes and asked if I could help them,” said a third.

Emily Boazman’s videos attracted some supporters as well. Emily Boazman/TikTok
Emily Boazman’s videos attracted some supporters as well. Emily Boazman/TikTok

In her follow-up TikTok video Boazman re-iterated how she believes nursing for another woman should be acceptable.

“The slap at the end. But truly, this used to be such a normal part of culture, and now it’s considered weird. It truly ‘takes a village’ and I think it’s so special to be able to feed my niece,” she captioned the video.

“This is literally the most beautiful thing ever. To love someone enough to nurse their child & them to love, trust, and feel safe enough for you to do it! ,” one of her commenters wrote.

“That is awesome I love that you help her out even with your own Baba you are definitely a super mum love it,” another added.

The Post reached out to Boazman for comment.