Breaking Badness Choosing Goodness Interfaith Service is April 3

Mar. 27—The Jewish Christian Discovery Center, in partnership with St. Ann's Catholic Church in Marietta and Heritage Baptist Church in Cartersville, will host the Breaking Badness Choosing Goodness interfaith service to fight antisemitism and other forms of bigotry will be April 3 at 10:30 a.m.

This event, held at St. Ann's Catholic Church, 4905 Roswell Road in Marietta, takes place during Holy Week before both the Easter and Jewish Passover holidays.

JCDC Executive Director Rabbi Albert Slomovitz will lead the service with St. Ann's Father Ray Cadran and Heritage Baptist's Rev. Michael Tutterow. The three men wrote prayers for this new ritual.

In a time of increasing antisemitism and intolerance, the three interfaith clergy believe it is vital to show religious unity and peace. At the service, each worshipper will be given a large piece of matzah, unleavened bread. Matzah is traditionally eaten at Passover by Jews around the world as part of their commemoration of their exodus and freedom from slavery from ancient Egypt. Matzah is similar to a cracker in texture. Participants will break the matzah into several smaller pieces while pledging a commitment to reject hate and embrace love of one's neighbor regardless of religious belief.

"We are living in unprecedented and sad times with age-old stereotypes and hatred against Jews reemerging," Rabbi Albert Slomovitz said. "It is vital that we come together as Jews and Christians and embrace God's commandment that we love one another."

After each person breaks the matzah and puts it into a communal bowl, congregants will burn the small pieces in an outdoor firepit in a symbolic gesture of burning away religious intolerance. They will speak with each other in small groups about rejecting religious hatred and intolerance.

Led by Rabbi Slomovitz, one of the most enduring symbols of this interfaith service will be participation by Catholic priest Father Cadran and Baptist Rev. Tutterow. The three men are close friends who work on JCDC interfaith projects.

For more information, contact Rabbi Slomovitz at 678-622-1818.