Brighten Up Breakfast In Bed on Valentine's Day


Nothing beats breakfast in bed, especially on Valentine’s Day! Seeing your loved one quietly walk in with a tray covered in delicious goodies and a hot cup of coffee or tea is just the best! If you’re looking to make it a special morning, but the only tray you have is a little ho-hum, you’re only two steps away from a bright and cheery breakfast service.

Yahoo Makers: Hooray For This Valentine’s Day Tray

One of our favorite crafting supplies around the workshop, believe it or not, is tape! We;re not talking standard, clear Scotch, oh no.  These days tape has become quite the trendy commodity, ranging from plain and block colored, to wildly patterned and fun. Washi and masking tapes are the perfect no-fuss, no-commitment supplies, as they are easy to remove and don’t leave residue.

Yahoo Makers: Put a Little Extra Love in Your Valentine Meal

These tapes run at about $2 a roll, so this simple craft is inexpensive, and since you only have to tape your tray, it won’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

So while the water’s boiling, the eggs are frying up and the toast is turning golden, whip up this thoughtful tray for a wonderful morning in bed.

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  • Tray

  • Washi or masking tape


  • Exacto knife


1. Gather a collection of tape in different colors.


2. Run the tape across your tray, alternating colors and widths to create a pattern.


3. Cut the excess with an Exacto knife.


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