Brandon Routh On His New Role: Super Dad!

Brandon Routh and actress Courtney Ford attend the premiere of HBO's 'True Blood' at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on June 21, 2011 -- Getty Premium

He's known for playing a super hero ("Superman Returns"), a super spy (NBC's "Chuck") and most recently super sweet boyfriend Wyatt to Michael Urie's Louis character in his new role on the CBS sitcom "Partners."

At home, however, Brandon Routh is known as one thing -- Super Dad!

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Brandon and his wife, actress Courtney Ford, welcomed their first child, Leo, two months ago. In an interview with Access Hollywood on the set of "Partners," Brandon admitted that Courtney does the heavy lifting when it comes to feedings, but at nighttime he's got an important gig.

"I'm the diaper changer/nurse at night time," he told Access. "Or if he's not going to sleep, I put him on my chest and it helps him, you know, pat his back and get him to sleep."

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Fortunately, Brandon says the sitcom schedule is ideal for being a working dad.

"We work three weeks and then we're off one week. So I have a week off every month," he explained. "Most days I'm here four to five hours a day. I have Fridays off most of the time so it, it's pretty great, I really can't complain."

Watch Brandon behind the scenes on "Partners" HERE.

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One thing Brandon and his wife have yet to do as parents is spend a night away from little Leo but with their five-year anniversary coming up next month, that could change.

"Everyone says at three months, they stabilize a lot. They become more able to sleep through the night and those kinds of things," he explained. "He'll be old enough -- maybe we could go out, stay the night somewhere!"

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First things first, the whole family will be celebrating Halloween in two weeks. "We do a pumpkin carving party we've done for about four of five years now. So, that's kind of our Halloween."

The million dollar question? Will he dress his son up as Superman for Halloween?

"Oh man, I don't know," he replied with a chuckle. "I hadn't thought about that. If he begs me enough or he begs his mom. He'd probably talk his mom into it but I don't know, who knows? He, he may not care at all!"

"Partners" airs Monday nights at 8:30 ET/PT on CBS.

-- Laura Saltman

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