Bradley Whitford calls out Susan Sarandon for saying Hillary Clinton is the same as Trump: 'Are you incapable of admitting you were wrong?'

Susan Sarandon is trying to find the silver lining of the current administration — and Bradley Whitford isn’t here for it.

The West Wing actor and political activist called out Sarandon on Twitter for being “incapable of admitting” she was wrong when she declared there was no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. (Sarandon was a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders and voted for the Green party nominee, Jill Stein, in 2016.)

Bradley Whitford, Susan Sarandon. (Photos: Getty Images)
Bradley Whitford, Susan Sarandon. (Photos: Getty Images)

In an interview with the Guardian last year, Sarandon doubled down on her statement, saying of a Clinton presidency: “We would still be fracking; we would be at war. It wouldn’t be much smoother. Look what happened under Obama that we didn’t notice. … I did think [Hillary] was very, very dangerous.”

Debra Messing, who has feuded on Twitter with Sarandon numerous times, also chimed in.

“STFU SUSAN,” Messing began. “Oh yes, PLEASE let’s give Trump CREDIT. I mean how else are you able to walk out on the street. Convince yourself that that this CATASTROPHE of a President who you said was better that HRC IS NOT ripping children away from parents seeking asylum, holding children INDEFINITELY in internment camps with their new policy, DESTROYING all attempts to protect our environment (yes the water you properted to care about), endangered animals, taking away women’s ACCESS to health care and legal abortion, trying to block POC from Voting with extreme Judges who will support jerrymandering efforts, not to mention destroying ALL good will and allied relationships across the Globe. Oh, and lest you forget Syria, Crimea, and putting PRO-RUSSIA agenda BEFORE the United States best interests. YES, do go on And LAUD the effect Trump has had. Out of DESPERATION & PANIC for the DESTRUCTION of the Soul of our country. But you don’t want to look at THAT part of the equation. Because then you’d have to admit you were dead WRONG running around bellowing that HRC was more dangerous than Trump. Only a self righteous, narcissist would continue to spout off and not – in the face of Americans’ pain and agony -be contrite and apologize for your part in this catastrophe. But, you do you Susan.”

Sarandon quickly replied to the Will & Grace star, exclaiming, “Debs, before you get yourself all self-righteous try clicking on the video and listening to what I actually say, not @Variety’s clickbait headline, which btw has no quotation marks. That’s a clue.”

Whitford’s and Messing’s messages were sparked by a recent interview Sarandon did with Variety in which she was asked how she would grade President Trump.

“I would tell him to start all over again; I don’t think we can grade him.” Sarandon replied, before fumbling in her response, “I think what he’s done that’s most significant is that, unintentionally he has energized, um, you know, by making so clear the way government — in all fairness to Trump, this stuff was all laid in place over the last 12 years; I mean, this didn’t just suddenly happen. Democrats were losing thousands and thousands of seats and all these things were put in place, and people were being deported and there was many many wars, and all that was happening … but he is like a character out of a cartoon or something … you can’t not be aware of what’s going on now.”

Sarandon brought her point back to Sanders, saying some good has come out of the whole thing.

“Bernie Sanders proved that you could run without taking dark money … so you’re seeing an enormous amount of people that are using that [who] are running and winning,” she explained. “And [there are] so many women in primaries, and now we’ve got more elections coming up. Those people — you never saw that population running, so many women. I think, like, 40 percent more women are running for office. … We’re on the verge of having the governors of Florida, Georgia, and Maryland be people of color and one woman. This is a revolution, [though] it may not seem like one.”

Sarandon continued: “Maybe things had to get so bad before real change could actually happen. We just have to stay awake — and also, the kids are on fire. … I never heard kids in high school say, ‘I can’t wait to vote.’ That’s huge … that’s what’s going to make the change. I say take me down, take over, get rid of all these old people and get the young blood in there. They’re going to make the difference, and I’m very hopeful because of them.”

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