Bradley Cooper, Shane Salerno for 'Mack Bolan' films

US actor Bradley Cooper is to become anti-terrorist crimefighter Mack Bolan.

USA's answer to James Bond is set to step from paperback to silver screen after Warner Bros made a seven-figure deal for the "Mack Bolan" series.

With 37 novels in the original Mack Bolan series, and hundreds more ghostwritten since 1980 when HarperCollins imprint Gold Eagle took control, the one man army is ripe for a cinematic conversion -- and that's what's to happen at the hands of Bradley Cooper, Shane Salerno and Todd Phillips.

Don Pendleton had his first Mack Bolan novel published in 1969 and Salerno, scriptwriter on "Armageddon," "Salinger" and the upcoming "Avatar 4," acquired film rights just last week and acts as producer for "Mack Bolan."

Male lead Cooper ("The A-Team," "Guardians of the Galaxy") and director Todd Phillips are both on board, the pair having worked together on all three "Hangover" films and formed a joint production company with ties to Warner Bros.

The series has been a Hollywood prospect for 40 years, notes Deadline, with the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood, Cooper's "Guardians" co-star Vin Diesel and even Steve McQueen among those previously attached.