Honda Urban SUV Concept tranforms a Fit into a crossover

Aki Sugawara
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Whenever you hear the words "urban" and "crossover " uttered in the same sentence at a media presentation, it usually comes with a kitschy video vignette of how keffiyeh-wearing hipsters, tweeting geeks and sleeve-tattooed baristas will all love their new trend-setting product. Honda thankfully eschewed such clichés when it showcased the Urban SUV Concept at the 2013 Detroit auto show, a straight-forward crossover that refreshingly lacks pretension.

The formula is simple: Honda takes two successful models—the B-segment Fit and the CR-V CUV—and combines them into one. A near-production preview of a global model to come in late 2013, it'll have functionality in spirit of the Honda Fit, complete with rear Magic Seats that fold up. Continuing with the Honda Accord, the crossover will also have direct-injected powerplants across its line-up, which includes gas, diesel and hybrid variants.

Since a strong yen made the Honda Fit—which is presently manufactured in Japan—unprofitable, the crossover along with the Fit will be built at a new factory in Celaya, Mexico. Its style won't make waves, but as Honda's nimble and utilitarian five-door hatch shows, it won't need to.