Ferrari Enzo gets its rally on, sullying the rich


Unlike its supercar rivals, Ferrari has ignored the world's demand for off-road vehicles to focus exclusively on how to go faster over pavement. Which makes this video — the first in the world showing one of 400 rare Ferrari Enzos taking its 660-hp V-12 mudding with a "TAXTHRICH" faux license plate — all the more remarkable.

The video comes courtesy of an anonymous group known as TaxTheRich100, based somewhere in Britain, which has managed to lay hands on a range of exotic rides and take them off-roading, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Bugatti EB110 and a Ferrari F50. While the Enzo gets treated with kid gloves, whomever's behind the wheel has no fear of throwing a multimillion-dollar car around a bit.

Even though the Enzo's performance has been eclipsed by more recent Ferrari, it has held up over the past decade as the ultimate expression of building the fastest possible road car. Ferrari will reveal the Enzo's succesor in a couple of weeks at the Geneva Motor Show, one that will likely combine a hybrid-assisted V-12 and all-wheel-drive into an ultracar with nearly 1,000 hp. Let's hope we don't have to wait another decade before someone takes one off-roading.