Disguised Jeff Gordon turns a Camaro into a car salesman’s worst nightmare


Yes, it's a Pepsi Max commercial, and I'm suspicious about how a center-mounted cupholder appeared in the dash of a 2009 Chevy Camaro. But in all other respects, this "Punk'd"-style hidden camera ambush of a used-car salesman by a well-disguised Jeff Gordon into the test drive from hell looks like an authentic near-death experience for the salesman, complete with swear words and warnings of liability to God and man alike. (Also, this works as a better ad for the Camaro than Pepsi, but who's keeping score?)

UPDATE: And of course it's such a fake that Gordon didn't even do most of the stunt driving, according to the Hickory Record, the newspaper of Concord, N.C., where the commercial was made.