A boy dances again, after extensive wounds in Ukraine

STORY: This 8-year-old Ukrainian boy can dance again, after

his unlikely recovery from extensive wounds

Roman Oleksiv survived one of the single deadliest

attacks since Russia began its full-scale invasion

Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Roman's mother was one of the 28 people killed

His father didn't know if the boy would walk again

(Yaroslav Oleksiv, Roman's father)

"He suffered from shrapnel wounds to his head. He had broken arm, torn muscles in the right leg, and burns. And the burns, 80% total; 40% external and approximately 40% internal. It was decided we would have to go to Germany for treatment. That wasn't available here. So we went to Dresden, in Germany, where we stayed for almost a year, the first two months in an intensive care unit.

"He is a fantastic boy. I think the question isn't what he's gone through, but how will he go on? It's very important. I hope that he will continue, with the same strength as now, to grow, develop himself, better himself and that everything will work out well for him."

It took more than 30 rounds of surgery,

but now he's back in school

and playing music again too

Roman's father says he has years of treatment

ahead on the road to a full recovery