Boulder County-area home sales, April 24, 2023

Apr. 24—The following data is supplied by Colorado Weekly Homebuyers List Inc., 303-744-2020. Listed are the buyer, the seller and the amount.


Mary Keith: 2510 Taft Drive Apt 319, Danny Aparicio, $160,100.

Amy Daniels: 2707 Valmont Road Apt 314a, Judith K Renner, $338,500.

Eduardo Estrada: 1111 Maxwell Ave. Apt 109, Eliseo F Rodriguez, $340,000.

Joseph Sant: 3828 Northbrook Drive, Elizabeth F Hunt, $549,000.

Morgan Krajewski: 6172 Habitat Drive, Greg and Richard Smith, $565,000.

Bradley Jerris: 3301 Arapahoe Ave. Unit 307, Stella Lunyaramoi, $675,000.

Jonathan Barlow: 2960 Glenwood Drive, Vico Baer Revocable Trust, $690,000.

David Paranka: 1201 Balsam Ave. Apt 301, Gobble Living Trust, $715,000.

Derya Nagle: 4795 Shoup Place, Jeanette L Crist, $900,000.

John Vandermyde: 5484 Cypress Drive, Conrad and Kathleen Mccarty, $940,000.

Theodore Gritz: 260 29th St., Daniel and Mary Travers, $1,000,000.

Margaret and Barrett Walker: 3210 20th St., Shahid and Karen Hassan, $1,050,000.

David Wood: 430 S 42nd St., Lloyd Richard Olmedo Trust, $1,105,000.

Carrie Mcdermitt: 5322 Cypress Drive, Lee V Chambers, $1,150,000.

Mackenzie Smith: 868 Ithaca Drive, John and Mary Waters, $1,475,000.

Rashid Khan: 3896 Wonderland Hill Ave., Carole and William Capsalis, $1,650,000.

Jennifer Bolser: 355 W Arapahoe Lane, Chris and Barbara Kostanick, $2,025,000.

Briney Alltucker: 1981 Vine Ave., Vons 31 LLC, $2,772,000.

Christopher Wirth: 1700 Bluebell Ave., William Mooz, $2,925,000.

Chad Johnson: 1044 White Hawk Ranch Drive, Matthew G Stover, $3,155,000.


Renee Belisle: 2200 Sunridge Circle, Karen G Vent, $375,000.

Peter and Paige Crosby: 1090 Opal St. Unit 102, Pamela A Thomas, $418,000.

Sharon Brauns: 14300 Waterside Lane Unit S4, Robert Jerome Koryto, $430,000.

Alyse Hirschhorn: 2147 Sunridge Circle, Stanley Family Trust, $458,000.

Ivo Vargas: 921 E Ninth Ave., Opendoor Property Trust I, $495,000.

Charles and Misti Best: 530 W Third Ave. Drive, Steven and Mary Volenec, $520,000.

Jessica and Justin Broadbent: 906 E 10th Ave., Bryan Lee Odonnell, $522,700.

Weiyao Xu: 132 Willow Place N, Dennis and Sandra Bostrom, $570,000.

Nicole Cavalino: 13217 Bryant Circle, Kavlin Coon, $575,000.

Colleen Murphy: 11115 Bella Vita Drive, Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., $580,000.

Ishraq Ahmed: 11111 Bella Vita Drive, Meritage Homes Colo. Inc., $617,700.

Robert Waelchli: 2219 W 166th Ave., Weekley Homes LLC, $636,000.

Michael and Renee Lamb: 3386 W 126th Drive, Chung Tai Chan Monastery Usa, $675,000.

Joanna Fulton: 12645 Winona Court, Katherine A Isacks, $692,000.

Corey and Brianna Applegate: 256 Summit Trail, Jamie and Andrew Faber, $725,000.

John and Kathleen Litsas: 12832 Elkhorn Road, David L Reyes, $730,000.

Patrick Oneill: 13961 Brookside Court, Wesley D Brown, $860,000.

Frank and Allison Brusino: 3080 Madison Lane, Lesley Rachel Goth, $880,000.

Shaun and Caroline Prigmore: 1153 Oakhurst Drive, Jon Bryson, $1,142,500.

Christopher and Sherita Teti: 16069 Pikes Peak Drive, Michael and Mary Mcvay, $1,285,000.

Gina and Jeremy Wilson: 15353 Irving Court, Copper Homes Ltd, $2,067,400.


Donald and Carole Frei: 42 Big Pine Lane, Eric and Leisa Martin, $533,000.


John and Kathryn Schoomaker: 565 Brennan Circle, Scott R Harris, $580,000.

Mary Lambert: 1961 Miranda Road, Lennar Colo. LLC, $610,000.

Dhirendra and Nami Shrestha: 832 Gold Hill Drive, Richmond Am Homes Colo. Inc., $625,000.

Edward and Teresa Rice: 601 Brennan Circle, Fagen Living Trust, $627,500.

Lawrence and Gillian Ditton: 387 Altona Way, Dobbs Family Living Trust, $650,000.

Anthony and Kimberly Maggio: 1821 Marlow Circle E, Lennar Colo. LLC, $872,500.

Tanner and Kate Bennett: 174 Horizon Ave., Kristofer and Cynthi Hogan, $1,150,000.

Eric Hepker: 937 Quarry Circle, Boulder Creek Colliers LLC, $1,172,500.


Nicole Dorn: 710 Arrow Court, Alan Ehrlich, $389,000.

Krista Diaz: 1257 Doric Drive, Evans Doric Drive LLC, $575,000.

Emily Evans: 1528 Harvest Drive, Stephen L Axelrod, $599,500.

Emily and Leticia Vellano: 974 Vetch Circle, Veronica and David Westfall, $605,000.

Ashley Andersen: 785 Keatons Way, Vons 25 LLC, $1,218,000.

Joseph and Shelby Dematteo: 3076 Red Deer Trail, Monica and Gregory Ditrinco, $1,270,000.


Dulce Delgado: 26 17th Ave., Juanita Vasquez, $412,000.

Eliud Hernandez: 18 Kodiak Court, Guadalupe and Sara Hernandez, $445,000.

Adam Kulikowski: 1527 Mount Evans Drive, 1527 Mount Evans LLC, $455,000.

Kristin Baker: 1431 Meeker Drive, Steve Conder, $472,800.

Christopher Woodard: 747 Snowberry St., Lynda Smith, $499,900.

Gregory and Robin Fobes: 2127 Daley Drive, William and Allison Thompson, $510,000.

Carlos Corona: 2113 Sherri Mar St., Horacio Montes Ramirez, $525,000.

Ellen and Nigel Teags: 2403 Yukon Drive, KB Home Colo. Inc., $531,000.

Ann Kellenberger: 401 Grant St., Judith L Pease, $545,000.

Joan Riggins: 2408 Steppe Drive, Phyllis A Grant, $549,900.

Saheb Biswas: 1329 Red Mountain Drive, Wolf Pack Den LLC, $565,000.

Michael and Abigail Callaway: 631 Coronado Place, Jonathan Scott Nichols, $570,500.

Jeffery Lanier: 2475 Alpine St., KB Home Colo. Inc., $571,400.

Jennifer and Ian Wallace: 1786 Lincoln St., Jason and Tasha Kepler, $572,500.

Mark Alig: 1250 Ptarmigan Drive, Andrea Boedecker, $592,000.

Michelle Romeo: 3515 Bluestem Ave., Philip Tamplin, $610,000.

Erik and Ashley Dobbs: 1337 S Kimbark St., Kathleen and Step Renk, $610,000.

Matthew and Haley Fleming: 549 High Point Drive, DFH Mandarin LLC, $650,500.

Bruce Hoiem: 1469 Moonlight Drive, Fred and Shirley Leuer, $680,000.

Kathleen and Stephen Renk: 1307 S Kimbark St., Karen Mcmeans, $705,000.

Timothy Peak: 1545 Harlequin Drive, Brian P Blick, $726,000.

Mark Yarrish: 4513 Bella Vista Drive, David and Deborah Cooper, $780,000.

Amber and Frank Lapoint: 11767 Pleasant View Ridge, Joseph and Shela Kosmoski, $810,000.

Thomas Loftus: 2117 Seaway Court, James and Haley Keeling, $899,000.

John Kuepper: 8701 Woodland Road, Bruce and Dorothy Hoiem, $3,489,600.


Alberto Conti: 2226 E Hecla Drive Unit C, Susan M Friend, $800,000.

Elaina Jones: 598 W Ash St., Arthur and Jessi Anderson, $1,150,000.

Matthew and Amphaivanh Haradon: 585 Saint Andrews Lane, Kevin and Amy Rens, $1,330,000.

Garrett Parks: 851 Trail Ridge Drive, Richard B Stockreef, $1,465,000.


Tom and Margaret Smith: 425 Cree Court, Shawna and Jeannette Stushnoff, $835,000.

Robert Butler: 953 Apple Valley Road, Nancy Noyes, $850,000.

Brian Reeves: 294 County Road 37e, Ronald and Julie Frenkel, $1,455,000.


Matthew Switzer: 597 Pine Glade Road, Douglas and Fay Benson, $805,500.

Kevin and Tierney Maris: 968 Highway 72, Jamie L Roberts Living Trust, $1,425,000.


Rafael Tellesdemenezes: 302 W Maple St., Roger I Frazier Family Trust, $375,000.

Taylor Moede: 625 Promenade Drive, Thb Superior Mf LLC, $650,000.

Scott Hallgren: 615 Promenade Drive, Thb Superior Mf LLC, $679,900.

Phurba and Aanima Sherpa: 903 Grays Peak Drive, Aimin Tang, $801,600.

David and Shelly Rowan: 1311 Lanterns Lane, Bc Lanterns Rock Creek LLC, $850,000.

Alexander Le: 3914 S Torreys Peak Drive, John and Marcia Eden, $1,040,000.

Robert Weismantel: 700 Discovery Parkway, Toll Southwest LLC, $1,317,700.

Kirsten and Randall Wire: 3833 Animas Way, Verlan and Karen Grigsby, $1,425,000.


Kasey and Robert Rains: 10 Modoc St., Dalia and Miguel Mendoza, $275,000.