Both quick, long-term fixes in works for WA bridge

Both quick, long-term fixes in works for WA bridge

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington state officials say it's going to take time to find both short- and long-term fixes for the bridge that collapsed on Interstate 5 on Thursday.

First, the National Transportation and Safety Board must finish its inspection. Then debris will be removed from the river. Next, a temporary solution will be put in place to return traffic to Washington state's most important north-south roadway.

Transportation spokesman Bart Treece says motorists should not expect to be driving on I-5 between Mount Vernon and Burlington for many weeks and possibly months.

He asks people to plan for an extra hour to make their way through detours around the collapsed bridge.

Late Saturday morning, traffic was moving freely through the detours. Treece predicts it will get busier as the holiday weekend progresses.