Border closure was not discussed in negotiations with Poland – Ukraine's Trade Representative

Taras Kachka. Photo: Agropolit
Taras Kachka. Photo: Agropolit

Taras Kachka, Ukraine's trade representative, spoke about the most recent round of trade negotiations with Poland, pointing out that the option of closing the border for goods movement was not mentioned.

Source: Kachka on Facebook

Details: Kachka reported four hours of intense negotiations with Krzysztof Hetman, Poland's Minister of Development and Technology, and Czesław Siekierski, Minister of Agriculture. He described the negotiations as "one of the most intense" in his career.

"We were able to find a common language and are working on a constructive solution to unblock the border while considering the interests of farmers in Poland and Ukraine. It is not easy, but possible," said Kachka.

He noted that he could not provide additional details but pointed out that "a constructive solution is possible."

"Throughout the four hours of negotiations, the option of closing the border was not mentioned. Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk stated that this would be a painful decision for our economies. Stopping trading for even a single day, which amounts to US$11.7 billion per year (and even more according to Polish statistics), is too painful. Not to mention transit, which is vital to Ukraine," he said.

"As a result, I encourage everyone to read Donald Tusk's statement thoroughly and carefully, including all rhetorical and punctuational elements. News headlines may be misleading," Kachka added.

Background: On the afternoon of 28 February, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk stated that Poland and Ukraine are discussing the possibility of temporarily closing the border for goods movement until the accumulated problems are resolved.

Tusk also stated that on Thursday, he would meet with protesting farmers and other groups that had joined their actions.

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