Booting Up: Netflix Is Releasing That Mitt Romney Documentary You Always Wanted

Jordan Valinsky
Hi Mitt! (Photo: Netflix)
Hi Mitt! (Photo: Netflix)

Hi Mitt! (Photo: Netflix)

Protestors surrounded a Google employee bus yesterday and captured it on video they hoped would go viral. They got their wish then their camera caught a supposed employee of the tech giant telling them that if they can't afford San Francisco, they should leave. After some digging, though, it turned out the man wasn't a Google employee and it was all a hoax. [Slate]

Flailing startup Clinkle has laid off 25 percent of its staff, mostly from its business side, as it figures out what it is. [Valleywag]

Facebook has hired NYU professor Yann LeCun to spearhead its new "artificial intelligence lab." [Business Insider]

Netflix acquired a documentary about Mitt Romney because that's exactly what you want to settle in and watch on a Friday night. It will start streaming on Jan. 24. [The Wrap]

The most checked in place on Facebook in America is Disneyland confirming that only moms use the feature. [Skift]