Book About Kickstarter Fails to Raise Enough Money on Kickstarter

Alex Fitzpatrick
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Book About Kickstarter Fails to Raise Enough Money on Kickstarter

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Look up the definition of irony in next year's edition of the dictionary, and you're bound to read about Crowdfunding: A Guide to What Works and Why.

According to author Glenn Fleishman, it's a book that "distills hard-won lessons of successful projects into well-documented advice alongside case studies." The problem? Fleishman turned to Kickstarter to raise $35,000 for his goal, and this weekend, he failed to reach his goal.

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That's right: as Nik Cubrilovic pointed out on Twitter, a Kickstarter project for a book about running successful Kickstarter projects failed to raise enough money on Kickstarter.

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We mean no disrespect to Fleishman, who writes for BoingBoing, MacWorld and other publications -- but the irony was too good to pass up. Regardless, any entrepreneur worth his or her salt will tell you failure is a necessary step in the process, so we expect to see Fleishman and his crowdfunding book bounce back from this speedbump in no time.

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