Bomb in northeastern Afghanistan kills 3 officers who were part of convoy handling poppy eradication

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A sticky bomb exploded in northeastern Afghanistan, killing at least three police officers on Wednesday, officials said.

Abdul Mateen Qani, a spokesman for the Taliban’s interior ministry, said the bomb which was “attached to a motorcycle, exploded in Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan province," while a convoy of security forces was passing through, adding that five other officers were wounded.

Qani said the officers were on their way to destroy poppy crops in the area.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

A few days ago Badakhshan witnessed violent protests against the Taliban’s poppy eradication campaign, propelling a high-ranking delegation led by the chief of military staff Fasihudin Fitrat to visit the region and negotiate with protestors.

Fitrat said Tuesday in a video message that he had addressed people's complaints and that the situation was under control. He added that locals backed poppy eradication across Badakhshan.

Protests erupted Friday after a man was shot and killed by Taliban forces after resisting poppy eradication attempts Darayum district. Another was killed on Saturday during a protest in Argo district.