Boehner taking laid-back approach to Dem proposals


WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker John Boehner is pulling back. After two stressful years as Washington's most powerful Republican and a pair of failed, high-profile rounds of budget talks with President Barack Obama, the battle-scarred House speaker is adopting a you-first approach.

Upcoming across-the-board spending cuts set to slam the economy in two weeks? Boehner says it's up to Obama and his Democratic allies in charge of the Senate to try to initiate a solution.

New ideas to prevent gun violence? Let's see what the Senate can pass, Boehner says, then we'll take a look.

Immigration reform? Boehner says it's best left to bipartisan working groups in both the House and Senate.

Boehner's approach is a response to getting burned, as he sees it, in dealing with the White House.