Body found on the West Fork River bank

Nov. 22—FAIRMONT — A body was found on the bank of the West Fork River by officers from the Marion County Sheriff's Office Saturday.

Two fishermen in the Hutchinson area called the police to report a body they found on near the bank of the river around 2 p.m.

The body was male with no identification readily available. The Sheriff's Department sent the fingerprints to the FBI crime lab, which returned with an identification Sunday. The body was identified as 24-year-old Ryan Mackey, who the Sheriff's Department says is from Marion County area.

There were no apparent wounds on the body or any sign of a struggle, the department is currently investigating the situation.

"As of right now we're investigating it as an unintended death until we get results from the medical examiner as to the cause of death," Marion County Sheriff Jimmy Riffle said. "If anybody had seen Mr. Mackey or has any information about this, they can contact the sheriff's office... any information is appreciated."

The phone number to reach Marion County Sheriff's Department is 304-367-5300.