Body of Canadian Everest climber brought down to helicopter retrieval level

The Canadian Press

TORONTO - The body of a Canadian woman who died while returning from the summit of Mount Everest is one step closer to being evacuated from the mountain.

A spokesman from Utmost Adventure Trekking says a team of climbers managed to bring Shriya Shah-Klorfine's remains down within helicopter rescue range earlier today.

Bad weather has grounded all helicopters, however, and Shah-Klorfine's body will not be flown off the peak until Tuesday afternoon.

Shah-Klorfine was among four climbers who died while trying to scale Mount Everest on May 19.

They died under what's being described as overcrowded conditions in the mountain's so-called death zone in the final stretch of the climb.

The 34-year-old from Toronto had previously stated that climbing Everest was a long-held dream.