Bobby Brown 'So Proud' Of Daughter Bobbi Kristina: She's A 'Great, Beautiful Woman'

Bobby Brown chats with Access Hollywood during an interview on May 16, 2012 -- Access Hollywood

Bobbi Kristina is about to tackle reality TV in Lifetime's "Houston Family Chronicles," and although her father, Bobby Brown, knows all too well the pressure constant camera presence can exert on a family, the proud dad has no doubt his daughter can withstand the spotlight.

"My daughter is pretty smart, she is a beautiful young lady and she will hold herself very well on television," Bobby told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson in a new interview. "She's acting now, she's recording, she's just growing to be a great, beautiful woman.

"I am so proud of her that she is being so strong," he added. "She's a little lady. That's my little lady!"

A veteran of reality TV (he and Whitney were featured on Bravo's "Being Bobby Brown"), the 43-year-old singer imparted his advice to his daughter, 19.

"She already knows to stay down to earth and stay grounded and don't let 'no' be an option," he told Shaun. "Be great on your own, be great for yourself, be good for yourself, which her mother used to always say to her. Be good for yourself -- that's what I want her to be."

Bobby is also heading back in the spotlight with a new album, "The Masterpiece" -- his first solo record in 14 years.

"Was it a process for you over the years to say, 'Hey, I'm going to take a hiatus for a decade?'" Shaun asked.

"Well for me, I had to get healthy, you know, mentally and physically in order to be the best that I can be for the public and for myself and for my kids," Bobby replied. "I'm seven years clean from narcotics, so, you know, it took a while to really make up my mind."

"The Masterpiece" hits stores on June 5.

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