Bob Woodward actually has 19 Trump tapes with 10 hours of interviews, CNN reports

"If Bob Woodward thought what I said was bad, then he should have immediately, right after I said it, gone out to the authorities so they can prepare and let them know," President Trump said at a news conference Thursday, defending comments he made to Woodward in early February about how "deadly" the airborne coronavirus is as he was deliberately "playing down" the danger in public. "But he didn't think it was bad, and he said he didn't think it was bad. He actually said he didn't think it was bad." It's all in "a series of taped interviews, mostly by telephone — quick ones, not long ones, quick ones," Trump added.

Woodward disputed all those points, and he has the tape, CNN reports. In fact, he has 10 hours of interviews, some lasting more than half an hour, spread over 19 taped phone calls, often initiated by Trump.

The 19th interview is a surprise — there were originally reported to be only 18.

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