Bob Odenkirk Followed An Instagram For Foot Pics And His Fans Are Defending Him For It

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Fans of Bob Odenkirk, the acclaimed Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul actor, want to protect his right to follow what appears to be a foot fetish page on his official Instagram account.

Odenkirk survived a near-fatal heart attack on the set of the final season of Better Call Saul in July 2021, adding even more tension to what was already a highly anticipated run. Less than two weeks before the series finale of the show, in which he plays the title character, a Reddit user noticed that Odenkirk follows @perfect_feet_in_sexy_shoes on Instagram, which BuzzFeed News confirmed. And he only follows 28 other people.

The clowning began, and on the same day, he unfollowed the account.

Even the Better Call Saul Twitter account seemingly joked about the incident, urging viewers to “stay on your toes” ahead of the next episode. But Odenkirk’s fans, who often reply to his social media posts with over-the-top praise and adoration, are not willing to kink-shame.

Carrie Wittmer, a culture writer and Odenkirk fan, told BuzzFeed News she found it funny that the actor is “famous, but not famous enough to think, maybe I need a finsta for the foot stuff or to have a PR team that would flag it.”

“A true king,” she said. “Everyone can have a kink if they’re not a weirdo about it … It’s also completely possible that he just loves shoes.”

One fan described Odenkirk’s follow as a “triumph of the human spirit.” When the show’s finale aired on Aug. 15, people were still posting about the foot account saga and defending his right to “enjoy feet.”

“Bob Odenkirk suffered a near death experience and now is living life to the fullest by following a fetish account on main,” Twitter user @fivepoisonskid wrote. “He deserves some sexy shoes and feet after all he's done for us,” @punished_cait tweeted.

Odenkirk isn't alone, either, as Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris once tweeted the words “sex gifs” and nothing more. The actors behind these two fictional Albuquerque men of the law are guilty only of being horny on main. And that’s within their legal rights.