A ‘boatercycle?’ Man driving jet ski on highway gets pulled over by Alabama cops

A man driving a jet ski like a motorcycle was pulled over on an Alabama highway — and police were surprised to discover the contraption was legal.

It happened in Daphne, along Mobile Bay, and a photo shows the bright yellow vehicle was a Sea-Doo XP circa 1995, manufactured by Bombardier.

“Law enforcement is often a grim occupation. ... Sometimes we think we have seen all there is to see,” the Daphne Police Department wrote in a May 5 Facebook post.

“But all of a sudden, there are 9-1-1 calls about a guy driving a jet ski on (US Highway) 98, making us glad we do what we do.”

Police stopped the driver and closely inspected the vehicle, leading them to conclude modifications had been made — like hidden wheels.

“This thing was tagged and street legal and he was from out of state,” police reported. “We sent him off with a warning and instructions to get a helmet.”

The identity and home state of the driver were not revealed.

News of the unusual traffic stop had more than 2,000 reactions and comments on Facebook as of May 8, including from witnesses to the traffic stop who thought they were seeing things.

A few commenters referred to it as a “boatercycle,” noting a similar vehicle was photographed last month traveling roads in Cape Coral, Florida.

“Should have cited him for not wearing his life vest,” Boyd Landas posted on the police department’s Facebook page.

“Obviously, he’s from out of state. If this was an Alabama resident, he would be towing a cooler behind it,” Cheryl Lynne Staley wrote.

“I wonder how many other states he’s been pulled over in,” Joy Sinquefield Hunter asked.

“Would be more concerned if he has his boaters license,” Brad Barrett posted.

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