This Bluetooth speaker uses the sun to stay charged

When you go to a tech trade show like IFA Berlin, interesting products are around every corner.

Here are a few gadgets for life and home that caught my eye.

QelviQ is like a high-tech wine bucket. You scan a wine label, and the app helps the electronic, thermodynamic device get reds or whites to the perfect serving temperature.

“Ask any sommelier, ask anyone who loves wine, it’s the piece that people forget about,” said Helena Verellen of QelviQ. “A red wine at room temperature vs a wine at the QelviQ temperature, the difference is incredible.”

QelviQ sells for about $500.

There are a lot of appliances at IFA. One trend I saw: a washer and dryer in one unit.

The Robobock Zeo One holds a month of detergent, has a self-cleaning lint filter and uses an algorithm to dry your clothes so even wool comes out perfect, at least according to the rep I spoke to.

“Using this kind of technology, your clothes will not shrink, and it will not damage to the clothes,” said Elena Yang of Roborock.

Although it isn’t yet for sale in the U.S., the device would cost about $1400.

On a smaller scale, the Withings ScanWatch 2 monitors body temperature 24/7, the first of it’s kind. The battery lasts a whopping 30 days between charges.

“Fluctuations of the baseline temperature may indicate onset of illness and may help you optimize recovery during workout sessions,” said Etinne Tregaro of Withings.

ScanWatch 2 costs $350.

It seems that everything old is new again. Imagine my surprise when I spotted the Kodak Smile+ camera. I thought everyone had gone digital!

This camera has a built-in printer so it’s like a Polaroid for a new generation, but with smaller prints.

“A lot of the younger generation still love the novelty of instant prints,” explained Fred Ilac of C+A Global, the licensing company using Kodak’s name for the camera.

Smile+ has a rotating cap with color filter lenses, so it’s sort of like Instagram in real life.

“It’s also a sticker so they can stick it on different surfaces, and it’s also a Bluetooth printer,” said Ilac.

The final price of the camera hasn’t been decided, but it’s just over $100.

Don’t drop your phone, but if you do, Casetify’s new Ultra Bounce case has you protected up to a whopping 32 feet!

“These four ultra bounce corners (are) manufactured with a material called eco shock that actually is able to absorb impact,” said Ruben Rodriguez of Casetify.

They come in a variety of styles and this protection comes at a steep cost: around $100!

Finally, here’s a bright idea: a solar powered Bluetooth speaker.

The Urbanista Malibu is always ready to play when you’re ready to listen.

“The idea here is that you leave it in a window a sunny window or some sort of light and it just continues to charge,” explained Marten Sahlen of Urbanista.

It will charge with both indoor and sunlight, the price is $150.

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