The Blue Screen of Death: 6 Fatal Errors That Crushed Your Soul

Bob Al-Greene
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1. Windows 3.x

1. Windows 3.x

The first Blue Screen of Death, native to the Windows 3.x series of the early '90s, justifies its user's failure with technical language most casual PC users of today wouldn't be able to decipher.

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They call it the "Blue Screen of Death," and that's precisely what it represents: the death of whatever you were working on and the destruction of your pride.

The dreaded critical error message (BSoD, for short) has lived on Windows from the system's inception and has tormented its users for almost as long. We've all been there, through fault of our own or otherwise. For such a peaceful hue -- the color of the sea and sky -- there is something incriminating and menacing about the flat blue screen.

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Talk a stroll down memory lane with this retrospective to see how the BSoD has changed over the past 20 years. Feel free to vent your own blue screen anger in the comments below. Grumble, shout, roll your eyes, smack the side of your monitor. Let it all out.

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