Bloomberg Businessweek mocks Obamacare glitches

Liz Goodwin
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Bloomberg Businessweek poked fun in its new issue at the tech problems that have plagued since it opened for business Oct. 1. 

"One year — and one epic fail — into his second term, Barack Obama needs a reboot" the cover reads, next to a photo of a half-loaded image of Obama's face. 

The Obama administration says the website — where uninsured people in 36 states are expected to purchase coverage over the next five months or pay a fine on their taxes — will be fully functional by the end of November.

Obama's job approval rating hit an all-time low of 42 percent in a WSJ/NBC poll this week, as October's government shutdown and glitch-filled health care exchange rollout has frustrated the public. 

The magazine also provided some of its discarded cover ideas, below.

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