Bloomberg: Apple will unveil major Apple TV refresh in April

Brad Reed
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Apple TV Release Date April
Apple TV Release Date April

Apple is planning to do a major refresh of its Apple TV set-top box that it will unveil in April and will officially release in time for the holidays this year, Bloomberg reports. What will make the new version of Apple TV unique is that Apple is apparently working on a deal with Time Warner Cable to deliver content over the set-top box, which would represent the first such deal between Apple and a major cable provider. One of Bloomberg’s sources says that the new box “will have a faster processor than the previous version and an upgraded interface to make it easier for customers to navigate between TV shows, movies and other online content.” It’s interesting to note that Apple is apparently choosing to keep working with cable companies as we’d read earlier reports claiming that it had gotten fed up with cable providers and was negotiating directly with entertainment studios.

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