Bloomberg: Apple will unveil a new iPad on September 10th [updated]

Brad Reed

Apple iPad 5 Release Date
Apple iPad 5 Release Date

We know that we’ll be getting a look at the next generation of iPhones at Apple’s upcoming September 10th event but could we actually see the company’s next-generation iPad as well? An unnamed source tells Bloomberg that Apple “plans to introduce new versions of its phone and tablet” during its press event, which backs up an earlier Bloomberg report claiming that we’d see both the new iPhones and at least one new iPad on September 10th. Of course, Bloomberg’s reporting on the fifth-generation iPad launch has been somewhat erratic since the publication said just two weeks ago that we wouldn’t be seeing any new iPads until later in the fall.

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UPDATE: Bloomberg has now removed references to the next-generation iPad from its story and The Loop confirms that there will be no new iPads at the September 10th event.

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