10 Old Skool Hip-Hop Halloween Tracks

Robert of the Radish
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There are a lot of creepy songs around that are a good fit for Halloween. I've built at least 20 Halloween-themed playlists over the years, so it's getting increasingly difficult to come up with new lists. But Halloween demands music! My personal favorite for Halloween is eerie ambient music, which I like to play to create an unsettling mood around the house.

But when it comes to popular music, the radio tends to play the same old stuff (is anyone really looking forward to hearing The Monster Mash again?).
Back in 2007, I created a Hip-Hop Halloween playlist that included 18 tracks. This year, I decided to make it even more cohesive by slicing the list down further.

To do this, I've selected only ten Halloween-themed, hip-hop tracks that I consider "old skool". You know, from back in the day when we though misspelling "school" was cool. Or, in other words, songs from the 1980s and early 1990s. The end result will bring you back in time, and if you have a nostalgic Halloween party planned, it's the perfect backdrop.

What would you add to your old skool, hip-hop Halloween playlist?

10 Old Skool Hip-Hop Halloween Tracks

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