Sweded ‘Iron Man 3′ trailer gets the point across

Will Perkins

Who needs millions of dollars, A-list actors, or a massive film crew when you can achieve basically the same effect with copious amounts of cardboard, a few friends, and too much time on your hands? Just ask the "swede" enthusiasts from DumbDrum, the creators of the ridiculously homemade "Iron Man 3" trailer remake seen below.

For those unfamiliar with "sweding," it is the practice of remaking a film or a trailer using whatever materials are on hand. For the sweded "Iron Man 3" trailer, the folks from DumbDrum employed toy helicopters, markers, a tonne of boxes, crayons, and purposely poor acting skills to recreate the upcoming Marvel superhero movie as best they could. The results are hilariously terrible.

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The low-rent moviemaking process was made famous by the cult 2008 film "Be Kind Rewind," from director Michel Gondry. That film spawned an entire sub-genre of sweded movies, trailers, and even a film festival called Swede Fest, run by the folks who made the handcrafted "Iron Man 3" trailer.

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Obviously sweded remakes don't have the same finish and attention to detail as major Hollywood productions, but that's the point and part of their charm. These gleefully cobbled together remakes are labours of love for the people who make them, and show just how much of a movie can actually be conveyed on a shoestring budget. Put away those pocket books, Hollywood, and get back to basics.

The non-sweded, $150 million-plus "Iron Man 3" is set for release on May 3, 2013.
See the real trailer below.