What if Everyone Looked Like A Supermodel?

Dan Kloeffler
What If?


The supermodel selfie is an attempt to bridge the gap between untouchable beauty and the rest of us.  Chrissy Teigen likes brunch, Cara Delevingne loves animals, and Adriana Lima likes to fly… on private jets.  So we wondered what if this life was the norm? What if everyone looked like a supermodel?

Imagine a world full of beautiful people. Everywhere you look, model-like clones strutting down the streets as if they were walking on concrete runways. Your local grocery would be a glamorous hot spot, your barbecue - a magazine shoot. Everything would be just perfect. Or would it? 

"It would be boring," says Frederique van der Wal, a Dutch supermodel. Come on, boring? Well, maybe. There would certainly be less variety if we all had that industry standard look. The modeling world could take a sharp turn. "People are uncomfortable around humanity," says America's Next Top Model judge Kelly Cutrone, "but especially around beautiful people. So if everyone looked like a supermodel they’d look for an ugly supermodel."

But let’s take a step back. As it stands, beautiful people live beautiful lives.  University of Texas economics professor, Dan Hamermesh has put beauties under the microscope and found that they generally earn about 13% more than everyone else, that’s an average of about $230,000 over a lifetime.

Hotties also tend to be happier – making more money, attracting better educated, higher-earning partners and having a better chance of getting married. They also get better deals on loans and are less likely to be convicted by a Jury.

But if we are all beautiful, that edge disappears and the way we socialize, shop and live would change completely.  How so?  Watch to find out.  


ABC News' David Miller, Stefan Doyno and Luis Yordan contributed to this episode.