Would A T-Rex Taste Like Chicken?

Stefan Doyno
What If?

It’s been a few years since dinosaurs ruled the earth – 66 million (give or take a few million)- so it’s safe to say they won’t be making a second appearance.

But what if one day you woke up to find a Tyrannosaurus Rex in your backyard? You’d probably need a new pair of underwear.

What is it that makes these not-so-gentle giants so intriguing? The dinosaur is not just an animal, it's an industry - and it's only getting bigger. Books, toys, movies. The recently announced "Jurassic World" hits theaters in 2015 - a highly anticipated sequel to a series that has made billions worldwide over the past 20 years. When we're not watching them on the big screen, we're visiting their remnants at museum exhibitions hoping to gain some insight into what these almost mythical creatures were like.

Visiting the Smithsonian Natural History Museum may not be as exciting as it is now if dinosaurs still existed.

“From our audience research we know people come here to see the Hope Diamond and dinosaurs and everything else is gravy,” says Kirk Johnson, Saint Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

With 8 million yearly visitors, the Smithsonian is the second most popular museum on the planet – the Louvre and its Mona Lisa coming in at number one.

When you stop to think about it, could you imagine a world where the ultimate carnivores ran amok? Neither could we - because we'd probably be too busy running.

As always, “What If” decided to take it a step further. Say we did conquer our reptilian inhabitants, and put them back in the food chain? We wanted to know what dinosaur meat would have tasted like. “They would probably have a nice flavor,” said paleontologist Paul Sereno.

He thinks they might have tasted like a chicken and a crocodile – but of course, there's a good chance that the dinosaurs would be doing all the eating.

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